The Boy and the Beast

From the anime director that did “Wolf Children” and “Summer Wars”, this is his third masterpiece.

Living in a world of beast people can be cool. As long as you’re not a misfit who’s weird. You are just different. And different is what can make you special. That is how this 9 year old boy learned when he was there, and was becoming a warrior.

In the streets of Tokyo, Japan, after his mom and dad left, he had been living there since the day he ran away. One evening, when he met a bear like beast guy, and his monkey counterpart, he was transported into their world. For where beast people live, as they become warriors. One of them as the head master, is a rabbit. For he is just like Pai Mei from “Kill Bill”, only wiser and kind as he can be quick

He was an apprentice to that guy, as he had to learn the ways of it. A few years later, he had gotten stronger and older. And by age 17, he returned to the real world, and fell in love with a girl who taught her how to read. She became a great tutor to her.

Not only that, he found his dad that left him. And after a furious battle, to leave away the hateful things, with the help of his master, everything came to a conclusion that made me smile on this.

In the end, when he began living with his dad, it gave me a smile so much, I give this 10/10 stars, and a ‘A++’!!!! Thank you so much for that masterpiece that I love on.

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