Preposterous Pets (TV show)

Pets. Such as cats, dogs, hamsters, parrots, frogs, and etc, those are okay. But have you ever had a polar bear for example, as a pet?

From that TV channel Animal Planet, there was a live action TV show, that shows preposterous pets. From the owners across the globe, they show their actual preposterous pets.

At first, there was an old couple in Canada as their preposterous pet is a polar bear. By cuddling with it, swimming with it, and washing it, they love it as long as it doesn’t escape from their fence.

Second, comes a lady who owns cheetahs. A whole family of cheetahs. The fastest cats alive in Africa as they can tear you to bits. She knows they are becoming an endangered species, as she must keep an eye on them. So that they’ll live on more. And never become extinct.

Thirdly, comes a old cowboy as he owns a buffalo…in his house!! Buffaloes can still be hungry as they can be fierce maybe. But can be really friendly to any person or animal. However for this old timer, he had tricks up his sleeve. On how he feeds it, keeps him safe, and make sure this buffalo doesn’t get into trouble.

Fourth, comes an actual wolf man. Living in his own home, as a war veteran, he had been rescuing wolves from nasty accidents. As a whisperer, he had been taking great care of them. If you want to be with wolves, you gotta be a professional like him. Even when he can cuddle with wolves, and dance with them.

Finally in fifth, shows man from Arizona presumably as keeps a family of lions. Both female and males. By building a home for them, and redecorating his house, he loves them. He even lets them cuddle with him in his actual house.

 img_0390 img_0387 img_0388
To other families across the planet, they still have their preposterous pets. And I suggest, better than “The Secret Life of Pets” that new animated movie, you would ask yourself on ‘What preposterous pet would you have?’. For me, I’d have what the wolf man is having. Wolves.

And imagine a little girl who’s a few years old, asking to meet this actual wolf man in person.

‘Dear Shaun Ellis, can I please meet you? I saw you on ‘Preposterous Pets’ that TV show. I wanna learn about wolves, and be with them like you. Perhaps cuddle with them. Be also like David Suzuki. And after watching a few anime TV shows and anime movies including ‘Wolf Children’ and ‘Princess Mononoke’, I believe wolves deserve to live on throughout these centuries. Never become an endangered species. Would it be alright to meet you at your place in the spring? Thanks!’.

This is totally interesting, as this wouldn’t be your own circus here. It takes lots and lots of responsibility to take care of a preposterous pet. And as long as that animal and more are safe, they are to never become an endangered species.

For a great live action TV show on Animal Planet, 7.88 out of 10 stars.

And if your pet was this big, you’d be in a total jam factory.

Li Syaoran: “Nice kitty!!”

Meilin: “Cat! Don’t make me hurt you! That’s Li Syaoran you got there!”

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