White Stripes- Little Ghost

From the stop frame animated movie “ParaNorman”, this is their ending song I’ve enjoyed the most since I’ve tried the movie twice. At Christmas, and for the second time on TV.

And at the time when the first season of “Digimon Fusion” ended, months before the second season happened in English dubbed, I really love this song. I grew fond of this ever since. The band is called ‘White Stripes’ as they’ve been doing other good songs, people have been talking about ever since.

When I listen to this, I think about the ghosts I love in anime, and dead celebrities. Doing lots of fun when they are ghosts. Scaring celebrities today, some TV cartoon characters from Hit Entertainment and other animated studios, as they would show a little girls mom who unexpectedly passed away long ago. Her daughter still alive on Earth, would embrace her like Patrick Swayze from “Ghost”. And as it comes to the end of this song, two boys would get surprised by a dead celebrity and run off. That is how I picture in my head when I listen to this.

And for a splendid song to listen to around Halloween, 10/10 stars on this.

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