Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade

Sometimes in life, when you’re in a crime scene, it can haunt you very much. That was how this anime movie was until the very end.

Like the 1984 version of “Red Dawn”, this shows an alternate timeline to Japan. That after WWII, when the German forces offered them weaponry, they used that technology to stop many crime waves in cities. And as angry mobs can happen, there can be a war zone. Thousands of people die in the streets and in the sewers, as it can be a bloodbath.

To the way the police force is, they are heavily armored, wearing bulletproof armor, with visor helmets, as they can have MG42 machine guns. With those heavily machine guns, they will blow you away like the Omaha beach scene in “Saving Private Ryan”.

When one officer was horrified to see a girl terrorist commit suicide, he was put on trial cause he didn’t shot her when he was ordered to. And a while after that, he met her elder sister. Discussing on how that officer is, and the way that elder sister is also, they had to make a choice before something worse can happen. They in fact, even kissed on a cold night in a carnival park.

Throughout the movie, there was an alternate tale of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. Pretty dramatic and different, but I guess even better than any version there can be. Especially that Sylvester and Tweety cartoon of that story.

This has the voice talents of Moneca Stori who played Kagome from “InuYasha”, and Laura from “Hamtaro”, Maggie Blue O’Hara who played Madison Taylor from “Cardcaptors”, a panther girl in “InuYasha”, Holly from “Monster Rancher”, Michael Dobson, Colin Murdock, Ron Halder, and Michael Kopsa. All Canadian stars that appeared in many popular anime movies and anime TV shows.

Better than “Looper”, I give this 9/10 stars! Still excellent!! And in your face Quentin Tarantino!! This does have violence in my type that I love!!

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