Ghost (1990 movie)

This movie was nominated for two Academy Awards including Best Picture in the 1990’s. However, this only won two Oscars in the Academy Awards. Best Supporting Actress on Whoopi Goldberg, and Best Original Screenplay.

In this romantic fantasy thriller, it makes you wanna smile and cry to see Patrick Swayze again as a ghost. And make you watch that Don Bluth animated movie, “All Dogs Go To Heaven”. Like how he did when he went to Heaven in the end. Cause for the way he was as a ghost, he doesn’t want to scare and haunt you. He wants to see you. As long as you believe in him. That, is how this movie is.

Which is why I give this, 8.88 out of 10 stars. Including the hilarious scenes with Whoopi Goldberg.

With those two and Demi Moore, it tells on after he was murdered by two guys who want that 4 million dollars, he goes after them. And make sure his girlfriend alive, is safe. Cause when he did, those two were taken into Hell by deathly shadows. For him, shining in light, he gets to go to Heaven. By walking into the light.

When I get very old and pass away, I wanna see him in Heaven. Along with the ones I love the most. With a smile and tear on my face, saying goodby to the ones I love, I will leave this Earth, and see him. In fact, this will be the last movie I’ll watch as an old man before I die.

Thank you Patrick Swayze for this. I appreciate it.

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