Just Eat It (Weird Al Yankovic)

Many years back, to the time I was loving anime and a bit of ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’, this was my very first YouTube video I had ever saw in my entire life. Back then 10 years ago, when YouTube was young and born. And at the time Barack Obama was giving good speeches before becoming the next U.S. President.

And not just that, this was how I began to love Weird Al Yankovic. And his number 1 song here. “Just Eat It”, as a parody to Michael Jackson’s song, ‘Beat It’. Before that music video he did that I watched, I prefer this.

Two boys in this music video, like Weird Al Yankovic, show people that they need to still eat their food, whenever if they like it or not. They outta tell people to just eat it. That’s how I do in my life.

I still love this, as this stays on YouTube forever. I give this in fact, 10/10 stars. And a ‘A+++’.

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