Ouran High School Host Club

From it’s music videos on YouTube, to some episodes, including a Halloween episode, I got really interested in this, as I watched this entire anime series.

Between boys and girls at a high school, they can be whatever they want. Especially when they wear uniforms, as they are different from each other. But can care very much for one or another. Which was why I watched this anime TV series, which was very interesting. Based on the manga books I read, this can be very good, but can have dumb parts that are crazy.

When a young girl got into a boys club by accident, she also accidentally broke a $250,000 vase by accident. In order to pay for everything, she has to be in the boys club as a secret. However, it all went well when it was over in the end.

Throughout this anime TV series, these boys are really cool. One is a genius, the two are twins, the third is a little one, the fourth is his older brother, and the leader can sometimes can really spy on the female student. But sometimes, he can be funny. The schoolgirls there found them really attractive, as they do lots of costumes they put on.

From that to ballroom dances, fighting, loving, caring, and more, they became really great friends to that schoolgirl. And friends are always there for each other. Another one came from France, wearing her schoolgirl uniform, as she became a great friend too. And for the record, she had a crush on the genius.

In the end finally, whenever anyone needs to see them, the host club will always be opened. And they will be waiting. To this spectacular anime TV series, I give this a ‘B+’. 8/10 stars.

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