On Your Mark (Studio Ghibli music video)

From director Hayao Miyazaki, and all on Studio Ghibli, this was their first Studio Ghibli music video that made them famous. Years before the rest of their movies, and “Spirited Away”.

In this music video, it shows the future. Like the one in “Astro Boy”, that 2003 anime TV series. As there are two police officers, they are in a gunfight. After that, they found something they had never seen before. A real little angel girl. Wearing white clothing, her wings were beautiful. They helped her and brought her back to health.

However, when she was taken away, they had to rescue her. Before something worse can happen on her. So by breaking in, rescuing her and escaping, they brought her to the beautiful countryside. As she was set free at last in the beautiful sky.

I love that angel on how she is beautiful in this. And how these heroes rescued her. So as a big ‘thank you’ to Hayao Miyazaki and all on Studio Ghibli that did this here, I give this an ‘A+++’ and 10/10 stars here!! Remarkable!!

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