Nine Lives

Kevin Spacey in “House of Cards” was really bad in his acting. But was good in “The Negotiator” back then. However this movie I watched, showed him a lesson. On how felines can be. When he was in the body of one lousy cat.

Along with Jennifer Gardner and Christopher Walken, this was absolutely better than Bill Murray as Garfield.

When a businessman on building towers in New York City promised her daughter a kitty cat for her 11th birthday, he had to do this fast. But when he got into an accident, his body was transferred into the cats body. People think he’s in a coma, but was magically transferred into the cat’s body. As he spent quality time with her daughter, he was turning out to be feisty, funnier than Garfield, messy, noisy, and of course, being a bad cat.

However, when he had to save his business, he had to do this fast. Or else he’d be inside the cat’s body forever.

What was interesting in this movie, was that in the beginning, they showed video clips of cats, people posted on the Internet. They became famous as they were seen on Animal Planet, and many reality TV shows with animals.

For how I like this, I give this spectacular movie, 9 and a 1/2 out of 10 stars.

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