First Knight

In my early days, I remember watching this. Along with “Princess Mononoke” from Studio Ghibli, this was really good. Sean Connery, Richard Gere, Ben Cross, were King Arthur, Lancelot, and Malagant in this 8/10 star movie.

With bits of land divided between King Arthur and Malagant, Lancelot was becoming really good as a fighter. When he met Arthur’s fiancé, she was in love with either him or Arthur. But by the time he became a knight of a the Round Table in Camelot, Malagant was cross. At rage, his men almost destroyed Guinivere’s hometown. But by the time he killed Arthur in Camelot with his crossbow, Lancelot avenged him. By the time Arthur was dead, he’d became first knight.

And in the end which was surprising that I ever saw, they cremated him out to sea. Within those rainy days, watching that on a videotape in the mornings, that movie was good. However already, two new movies came that were really great. “Princess Mononoke” from Studio Ghibli too. And me and my bros at a young age lobg ago, were the first fans of that stuff.

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