Ghost Dad

Before Patrick Swayze was in “Ghost”, there was Bill Cosby himself as a ghost. The creator of ‘Fat Albert’ himself.

Bill Cosby played as a ghostly dad, who got into a taxi cab accident. That made him become a ghost. He can fly, go into telephones, walk through walls, and become the Invisible Man himself, since Claude Rains.

By reaching out to his kids, he helped a little kid to take out the trash, and another to do a magic trick, as well as going to a nosey spy’s house. He made that kid faint. And by the time a boyfriend was talking on the phone, he spoke to him as a ghost himself!! Through the phone!! That made me laugh so hard, I was dying for that!! 

So as laugh out loud comedy, I give this 10/10 stars here. ‘A++’. Thanks to Bill Cosby. God, he made me laugh hard. And I love him!! 😂😂😂😂

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