The Birth of Saké

It takes 6 months to make saké. Everyone’s favorite drink in Japan. In this documentary I watched on Netflix, these workers at a brewery have to be strong to make that saké. As this was dedicated to the loving memory of them.

To their culture, civilization, making that stuff and everything, you’ll have to get used to this. Living your life in Japan.

From somehow October to April, that’s how long you have to do. To make Saké. And after they are in bottles, they are ready to be shipped on lorries to the towns. Especially major cities.

I give this ALMOST…10/10 stars here. Close enough. But really good. Just a 0.2 precent that I dislike on what babies can have on their clothing. Some North American animated characters that I totally dislike.

However if I’m there, living my life in Japan, I’ll be more focused as an anime/manga fan. Just for me.

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