InuYasha Movie 1: Affections Touching Across Time

A moth god. With many moths. As he was sealed in Ancient Japan for 200 years. However, when a jewel shard came, he returned. And that jewel shard was a part of the Shikon Jewel. In this very first movie of “InuYasha”.

In the days when they were looking for the shards, they were still killing demons. But when Sango’s pet, Kirara was under a spell, so was Kagome. Miroku, Hatchi the raccoon, Sango, Shippo, and Inuyasha were the only ones to stop the spell, and get rid of that moth demon. Along with his two female minions.

Later in the movie, was surprising. Inuyasha dead, like if Dirty Harry played by Clint Eastwood shot him with his 44. magnum pistol. Kagome screamed sadly as she lost him. And with herself back home, winter came. Like what I always wanted to see. Snow in the anime series of “InuYasha”.

Although Jaken and Kagome’s grandpa need a vacation, but things worked out okay. Kagome and Inuyasha had to be sure to stick together to defeat the moth demon, who grew 350ft high. Kirara luckily got herself back again, by Sango’s tears. On how much she loves her. As Sango and Kirara got back together, more demons from the moth man kept on coming.

However with luck, there were able to defeat it. No more of the 350ft moth man. And in the end with Kagome back home, the snow melted away as spring came. With Kagome watching the blossoms on the trees, she smiled. And maybe for the first time in years, she smiled at cherry blossoms also, which are called ‘sakura’.

Thanks to this, the third movie and the fourth, I rate the three InuYasha movies I see, 10/10 stars.

Finally on the funny scenes, there are two. To the word we say the most…

Kagome and O-Dog: “SIT BOY!!”

(InuYasha falls down hard)

(steam hisses from InuYasha)


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