Hair (1979 movie)

John Savage, Treat Williams, and Beverly D’Angelo are the only three stars I know, in this 1979 movie adaption, from the hit Broadway musical. And this movie is a musical for sure.

John Savage plays as Claude Hooper Bukowski. A man from Oklahoma, USA as he enlisted in the U.S. Army. And was bound for Vietnam. The Vietnam War. In New York City that he arrived, he befriended peace loving hippies. Including George Berger, the leader. Played by Treat Williams.

After a few days in New York City, he was enrolled into boot camp. In Nevada, USA. Cause there, when the base is on alert, all recruits would immediately board the planes, and head for Vietnam.

When Berger and his friends came to say goodbye to him, they swapped places. In uniforms. Berger in Claude’s place at boot camp, and Claude as a soldier in a uniform. As a gift they gave him.

Unfortunately, it was already too late. The base was on high alert, as they all left for Vietnam. Claude was shocked to see them leave. When he arrived too late. Berger took his place, as they all took off for the Vietnam War. However when Berger was K.I.A. in Vietnam, Claude spoke the truth to the soldiers at boot camp for what went wrong. And after they understand everything, Claude left for Vietnam. To avenge his friend’s death.

Back home in America, to where Berger was buried, came the song we all know. “Let the Sunshine In”. Better than any musical in the world, 8/10 stars. However, there are just a few songs I dislike in this. And parts that are false also in this movie. But I appreciate the one to ‘Let the Sunshine In’ very much.

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