Victor Frankenstein

James McAvoy was Dr. Victor Frankenstein, as Daniel Radcliffe was Igor Strausman. As they became the creators we all know to Mary Shelley’s horrifying story.

As a hunchback, Igor was treated badly as an ugly circus clown. Everyone hated that freak in a circus. However, he escaped with Dr. Victor Frankenstein as he saved him. And with his special machines, he turned that hunchback clown into a handsome gentleman.

By working together, they were to achieve the impossible. Creating life. So by stealing live body parts, and sewing them together, they did a test subject. As it ended up running amok like an abomination. Luckily, they had to kill it. Cause it was worse.

From the streets of London, England to Scotland in a castle far up north, that is how our story takes place. The castle on a stormy night, with lightning in the sky, as a mad scientist and his assistant were to achieve the impossible. And throughout the movie, there were some names and interesting parts similar to the 1931 classic.

Finally, their biggest creation. To the big one upcoming, that’s the one we all know as ‘Frankenstein’s Monster’. Only named as ‘Prometheus’. 8ft tall, with four sets of lungs, and two hearts, this one was similar to the one in “Van Helsing”.

But you could say that almost hell broke loose when it was alive. When the machines backfired.

It had a terrific ending after that, as they went in their own ways. Both Igor and Victor. However, they will be reunited together when the time comes. As Igor left to be with a girlfriend, Victor traveled a bit far northeast and that was it.

Along with those two in that movie, is Charles Dance as Baron Frankenstein. Victor Frankenstein’s father. Ever since he was in “Alien 3”, “Dracula Untold”, and “Your Highness”, he’s doing really good.

So with good acting, and much experience, I give this 9 1/2 out of 10 stars.

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