Man on Wire (2008)

Seven years before “The Walk” in 2015, this 2008 documentary film showed true footage of Philippe Petit’s performance on his high wire walk. Between the two towers of the World Trade Center.

It was Philippe’s dream to do it. Many videos, photos, evidence, interviews, and more were throughout this documentary. It also showed the timeline on how Philippe and his team did the actual thing. By going from Paris, France to Manhattan, New York. And by doing his act in 1974, everyone in New York City were surprised to see a tightrope walker up high, between the Twin Towers.

When I look at him doing it, he must’ve been around his 20’s or 30’s when he was young.

As I give this 8/10 stars on this documentary, how can I ever thank Philippe Petit, for doing that unbelievable performance? Although I do feel sorry for him, for what happened to the World Trade Center on 9/11, but “The Walk” movie must’ve been worth everything. For Philippe Petit when he saw it. As it reminded him on how he did his tightrope walk. And not only that, this here won in the Academy Awards for Best Documentary Feature.

When Philippe Petit presumably heard about this, he must’ve been very happy to hear the news. On how he did his walk.

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