The Cat O’Nine Tails

James Franciscus and Karl Malden, were splendid together in this thrilling mystery in 1971. Around the time when Clint Eastwood was in “Play Misty for Me” after “Dirty Harry”. Totally splendid and astonishing, I give this 8/10 stars.

Filmed in West Germany, Italy, and France a bit, there was a killer on the loose at night. In that medium sized city far away. In fact, he even pushed a guy at daytime, as that man was run over by a train while arriving at a train station.

Strangling scientists on a special project with X and Y chromosomes, and poisoning milk in cartons, this cat burglar with nine tails can even steal evidence before the police can arrive. And inspect the place.

A news reporter and a blind puzzle solver with a sense of hearing, along his young daughter, found out about this as they secretly found clues. From the grave sites to the rooftop of the laboratory, that killer was a man who almost looks like Agent 47. From the ‘Hitman’ series.

I was surprised to see both actors, to make it out alive it one piece at the end of the film. And for the killer, who happened to be the cat with nine tails? He met his fate. By falling backwards, smashing through a roof window, he fell down the elevator ventilation shaft for where the elevator goes up and down. He had his hands burnt while falling, and grabbing onto the wires. And before he could knew it, he collapsed on top of the elevator. Perhaps cracked his neck when he hit it.

Splendid and astonishing, I rate this 8/10 stars. Really good with James Franciscus. Almost like “Play Misty for Me” with Clint Eastwood.

However with James Franciscus, with or without his facial hair look since “Beneath the Planet of the Apes”, he was still unbelievable. As one of Hollywood’s great performing actors.

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