Maggie (2015)

When you’re bitten by a zombie in a post apocalyptic world, you would have to make a choice. Either commit suicide, ask someone to shoot you, or take you into quarantine. Cause this movie, recommended for 21 years of age and over, showed everything.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in this, took the role as a father. Who was trying to protect everything, including her teenage daughter. But things had to change quickly enough. When a virus outbreak struck the countryside and a city nearby, many people died. Including the infected. There were less people immune, and a few more infected zombies, already dead.

When that teenage daughter was bitten by zombie, during an infestation, she had a few days to live before she could get worse. So after her younger brother and younger sister, were to live at her aunt’s place, she had the house to herself along with her father, and 2nd wife.

As she was changing, a choice had to be made by the doctors, as soon as possible. Before she could get any worse. For her, along with a friend who was already infected, quarantine was a bad idea. Cause they fear something in there, could totally be worse than they ever thought.

By the time she was in her middle stages, to becoming a zombie, her stepmom finally left. So the father and herself stayed together for a little while. However, she was going into her final stages already. As it came to the end at last….she committed suicide by jumping off the roof of her house, and falling to the ground. The father found her dead body and that was that. He must’ve cried and screamed for how she died. She was already in hell.

With himself all alone, he must’ve mourned after Maggie was dead. And for as far I saw, I give this an ‘A-‘. Plus five points, on that infected Maggie kissing an infected boy, before both were dead.

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