Top picks on firefly nights in media

When you go into the night, in Japan or North America, what’s the best part about the night you can look into? The answer, fireflies. Not bad bugs, but good ones. As they light up at night. Thousands of them glow everywhere. When I was in Algonquin College, on Pre-Animation and Illustration, I did some good artwork inspired by these firefly nights. From the media I see, inspired. In fact, at the time of a Japanese festival, on any special night that happens, they can appear for sure. When they come out from the trees, and the tall grass as they can glow everywhere. It’s beautiful when you see them like that. Especially when you’re in yukata clothing.

And here, I give these top picks in media, on how I love firefly nights.

sakura and the glow maxresdefault tumblr_m7zx2ncsAA1rasay6o1_500 sakura and the fireflies sakura bunny prize dmhFdXk3aVVhaEkx_o_cardcaptors-glow-card-capture ccs-ep18-screen19 Its-an-easygoing-day-for-Sakura  Glow  everyone's reaction to the fireflies julian madison li sakura2 wow, fireflies sakura3 sakura4 sakura5 sakura final

  • “Cardcaptors” on the two episodes, ‘A Fair to Remember’ and ‘The Calm Before the Storm’. In the first one, when Sakura was still capturing the Clow Cards, she sensed one in her dreams. A firefly night one. That was beautiful, just before she woke up. Later came the best part in that episode. A summer festival happening. Sakura, Madison, Tori, Li, Julian, Chelsea, and Zachary were invited. As they had a night to remember. While out in the field, to a tree close to a pond, that is when glowing fireflies show up. Sakura and Julian thought that they were beautiful. By the time Sakura won a bunny rabbit in a contest, she sensed that feeling of a Clow Card. By the time she captured it, it was “The Glow” card. Sakura and Madison thought it was beautiful when ‘The Glow’ did that. It was a really easy capture for her. As she loved it. Later in that TV anime series, on that second debut episode, Sakura transformed ‘The Glow’ card into one of Star Cards. After that threat from Eli Moon was destroyed, Sakura at another summer festival used ‘The Glow’ card once again, to show it’s fireflies. And everyone at the festival were surprised to see millions of them glowing at night. Sakura happily watched ‘The Glow’ do everything, as it was another night for her to remember.

look at them fireflies close up firefly these fireflies are wonderful no wonder they come out in the summer I guess that makes us even firefly night

  • “Hamtaro” on the episode, ‘The Milky Way’. Before their very final episode, which was ‘Ham Ham Halloween’ as the series finale, this was the 2nd final episode to that anime TV series. And everyone watching YTV and Cartoon Network, loved that anime TV show of those adorable hamsters. Everyone loved “Hamtaro” back then, before everything went crazy. In this 2nd very final episode, Laura wanted to see the Milky Way with Travis. Along with Kana, Roberto, June and Kylie, they would make a wish. Her wish was to be with Travis. However, Hamtaro had a bad nightmare about that, thinking if she might leave him and forget him. So with Bijou, Boss, Oxnard, and the rest of the hamsters, they were to stop the wishing. As they watched the Milky Way in the night sky, came the best part even better. Coming out of the sky, flying everywhere above everyone, were fireflies. There were a hundred of them, as they were amazed. There was no wishing on the Milky Way, as Laura shall be with Hamtaro, no matter what in life. For what happened was amazing. And I appreciate on how “Hamtaro”, that anime TV show was glory back then.

wow! fireflies! firefly night watchers ying yang fireflies fireflies that made the number 8

  • “Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat”, on the episode, ‘Firefly Nights’. In the early days of that cartoon TV show, this episode was to remember for sure. When Dongwa, wanted to be a grown up like Baba Miao, he would be more mature. As he learned a few things, best ways, responsibility, and got a little tired, Baba took him to a night opera. Where the fireflies came. In a special opera, the alley cats watched along with Dongwa and Baba, as the fireflies did special dancing. It was remarkable. A while back, when Mama and Baba were falling in love, Baba took Mama there to watch the fireflies. As their first date. It was a special night for her, to remember. And as Baba showed that to Dongwa, he enjoyed it. When he told Baba the truth, he wasn’t sure he’d be ready to be a grown up yet. But he will be, as Baba accepts it. For now, being a kitten is what he should be. As he’ll never forget the fireflies.

grave of the fireflies

  • “Grave of the Fireflies”. A Studio Ghibli movie. From the early days of Studio Ghibli, this shows how fireflies are, and how they live. As a 14 year old boy, and his 4 year old sister love them. There were thousands at night, when they are in the Japanese countryside. But it is still a very sad story, as they were losing everything when WWII in Japan was coming to an end. After the firebombing happened in Kobe, Japan. Especially when they have lost their parents. Their father out at sea, and their mother killed in the bombing attack. By the time the war in the Pacific ended, U.S. General Douglas MacArthur said his very famous speech to the entire world. And after that, the 4 year old sister was dead. Died of starvation. Her best time in her life, was how they had the fireflies in their bedroom. She enjoyed them. After a cremation, the 14 year old boy lived throughout his days, until he died of starvation too. By the time their spirits were set free, they were with the fireflies at night, as they watched over Kobe, Japan one last time. Before going to heaven to meet with their parents. And in conclusion, the way Studio Ghibli did those fireflies in their artwork, they were remarkable.

Movie4SpecialProgram hqdefault Shion12 screencap16 05572997a15be650be8ac42090870396 hqdefault2

  • “InuYasha” on the 4th movie, and bits of firefly nights in the anime TV series. In the 4th movie, there were a only a hundred fireflies. Ever since the six demon children lost their families by the Four War Gods, those fireflies would show up at night on the island. Before being rescued by InuYasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Kirara and Shippo. As the fireflies would show up, it would be the spirits of the people that once lived on that mystic island. Especially their families they lost. Parents too. As some help them, they showed signs of how InuYasha can defeat the last War God. And they did for sure. As there was that, some firefly nights can appear in the episodes maybe, but they mostly showed firefly nights in the end credits to some episodes in each season. As they enjoyed them, watching at night.

So besides glow worms that are totally stupid, fireflies are the best ones to see at night. Like locusts, and silkworms, they are wonderful. As I’ve been inspired by these top picks on firefly nights, especially in Japanese animation, I did the best artwork I did in college. Thanks to these top picks here, on firefly nights.

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