Limahl- Never Ending Story

This is the music video from Limahl, as it was used in the 1984 movie, of “The NeverEnding Story”. The way these two singers sang this, you would know the clouds of Fantasia are above when the opening titles happen. As it can get to the part, where the boy wakes up in the morning after having another dream.

For where they sang this, in this music video, they are in a boiler room. As its like the attic for where the boy reads that book. Not like the boiler room, in the 1984 movie of “A Nightmare on Elm Street” in the school, but just a okay one. For where steam can hiss a bit from the pipes. And not too hot.

When I listen to this, it’s like there is an artist in this song. As he’s like Moses. Using his imagination, he would sketch in his two sketchbooks. As they are like his Ten Commandments. As he would watch over that fantasy land, he would be sure to protect those people and mythical creatures, no matter what happens. In fact, this artist can even make some of his drawings come to life. Which can be amazing to children, who believe in this artist like Moses.

Although “The NeverEnding Story” can be too dramatic, for people like Forest Whitaker to watch this and the sequels; but I am totally sure, this song is brilliant. How can I ever thank Limahl?

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