Evangelion (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Years before the movie “Pacific Rim”, there was this hit anime series everyone had been secretly talking about. As they showed DVD trailers, their movies and more, I did a little researching by books and some Internet, as this is very interesting. I even saw a few video clips and a episode.

Like “Mobile Suit Gundam Wing”, and before “Pacific Rim”, these teenagers in a future volunteered to fight alien war machines. In order fight monsters, they created monsters of their own. Gigantic fighting robots. Highly advanced, they run faster, they can be quicker, as well as being strong. The pilot does control the head of it, than two. By using the controls, than the minds we use like “Pacific Rim”, we do need to be careful.

As they advanced year by year, since the anime TV show, they are getting good. Especially the movies. But sometimes while fighting, it can be sad after a big bad battle. One of the pilots I love, a girl with orange hair, and wearing red clothing, got her left eye crushed when her robot crashed. She wore an eye patch for the rest of her life. After that, she did got her revenge. Before or after she lost her left eye, she’s still beautiful. Even when she smiles happily.

Ever since then and now, this still remains popular to anime fans who secretly watch this. When you are not alone, and you can not advance.





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