The Patriot

Dramatic and astonishing, I give this Mel Gibson movie 8/10 stars.

During the American Revolution, cruel forces of the British empire killed many innocent lives. As the war raged on, a resistance was formed. Lead by a farmer, and four of his sons, they killed every single redcoat there was.

A British calvary commander was selfish in this as he killed two of his sons.

With emotional feelings, casualties in the American Revolutionary War, the father killed the commander. At the final conflict, he killed by by stabbing him in the stomach and his throat. That way, he would die of stomach ulcer and a stab throat by him.

Besides Mel Gibson, there is Adam Baldwin, Heath Ledger, Gregory Smith, Trevor Morgan, Logan Lerman, Bryan Chafin, and more of others, this was excellent.

That’s why I give this 8/10 stars. And if anyone asks ‘What kind of patriotic knight are you?’, you could say that Mel Gibson, is one of a kind.

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