Dances With Wolves

This long story directed by Kevin Costner, won seven Academy Awards including Best Picture. Amazing, but very long. This 3 hour long movie, tells the story about a Union soldier, as he headed out for the American frontier. As he took command of an outpost, he befriended some Indians at a tribe nearby.

They grew fond of him, became great friends, as they taught him about their language, hunting for buffalo’s and their culture. In fact, an American lady was raised by them since her childhood.

Graham Greene was one of them, as he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in the Academy Awards. He became a really great actor later on. As well as he was Alren Bitterbuck, in “The Green Mile”. The first victim to be executed in the prison, as a success. The 2nd execution was terrible when one was botched, as the last one was very sad.

Based on the book by Michael Blake, and years before “Avatar”, this soldier became one of them. After taking on bad Indians, marrying that girl, and the Union Army, he lived with them for the rest of his life. In addition, there are native names. Like ‘Kicking Bird’, ‘Stands With a Fist’, ‘Wind in His Hair’, ‘Chief Ten Bears’, and ‘Dances With Wolves’.

He became known as ‘Dances With Wolves’, cause he dances with a wolf at day or night. At his outpost, there is only one wolf. And it was old. You can tell on how old it is, cause it was getting skinny. He became a great and kind friend to it, by giving it food and playing with that animal. Especially his dancing.

If you were actually dancing with wolves, you outta be careful. Wolves can still tear you apart. But this one was never carnivorous. In the end, when they fled for the mountains, there were many wolves howling. Like in the end of “Wolf Children”, and some from “Balto”. Since the old one died, known as Two Socks, I thought there might be more than just one. However, then came more in the end, when this ended. As I’m glad I watched the entire thing, I give this 8/10 stars.

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