Independence Day: Resurgence

20 years after the first movie of “Independence Day”, now comes a sequel. 20 years after the aliens attacked Earth for the first time, it became a future for the humans. Flying cars, helicopters with no blades, plasma guns, light cannons, hovering trains, fighter ships that go on air and space, alien prisons, and all that stuff. With a bit of the alien technology they took, from the damaged alien ships.

Not only that, they mobilized an intergalactic corps. Like “Halo”, the USCM Corps in the “Alien” franchise, the Green Lantern Corps, “After Earth”, maybe from “Edge of Tomorrow”, they created the Earth Space Defense. With their satellites, giant lasers, moon bases, gigantic bunkers, a warning system, and more bases on the planets in our solar system, they would be waiting for more aliens to come.

Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, Vivica A. Fox, Brent Spiner, and Judd Hirish, were the only ones to return from the first movie. Will Smith as Capt. Hiller was mentioned in this from the first movie, but never returned. Adam Baldwin never returned too. Along with new members, those are Liam Hemsworth, James A. Woods from some tv shows on YTV, Makia Monroe, William Fichtner, Travis Tope, and Jessie Usher as the son of Capt. Hiller from Will Smith.

Dillon Hiller, played by Jessie Usher, was Capt. Hiller’s son. He was young in the first movie, but now an actual pilot like his dad. After he died in an accident, he took the advantage on joining the Earth Defense Force. He wanted to be just like how Will Smith did. And show the world some fireworks. He even was fast as a red rocket.

Since the first movie, three members have been infected by alien psychic powers. An African marauder, a scientist who woken up from a coma after 20 years, and Bill Pullman as the president. Now retired and old. As they contain that power, they wrote alien symbols meaning something. And that was how this happened.

As it was a future for the people of Earth, they were aware of what might be left of the aliens. When broken down alien ships started drilling, a probe ship came out of nowhere out of a black hole, and appeared on the moon. The ESD shot it, found it, and in it, was a artificial robot. In the shape of a white sphere, to the size of a boulder. It had a line of eyes, as it floats and talks. With a bit of white goo. And its a female. She is the last of it species, as she and it’s people know about the aliens. They once lived on their home world, far out in space, as they were attacked by them. They fought back, but never did. After her people are nearly killed, she is the last of her artificial intelligence. So she escaped. And after her home world was destroyed, then came Earth. But the first movie showed what they are made of.

With signals activated, from her and the damaged alien ships, and a black hole bursted open at Saturn, more aliens came. New, powerful, with laser cannons, as the aliens from the prisons, know that they are coming. Before arriving at Earth, and out of the black hole, they destroyed a base at Saturn. They even destroyed the rings of Saturn there.

As they arrived, drilling began. For aliens to destroy Earth, by getting to the core and destroy it.

And only the aliens have been in charge of all these alien invasions, but the humans discovered that they are hive. As there is one who runs the whole show, after 20 years since the first movie. The mama. Or more importantly, the queen. An alien queen, as it can lay thousands of alien eggs. It’s even bigger than the alien queen in the ‘Alien’ franchise.

With a two galactic battles for Earth, it cost the lives of some members from the first movie. In the first battle, some of the new members were inside the queen’s spacecraft. As they escaped, and made it out. The second showed how they took down the mother ship. But with the alien queen pissed off, she attacked. Like if she wanted to tear up an android in half. However, there was a weak spot. And I wouldn’t say. Cause you know, that would be a spoiler alert, eh?

After the drilling stopped, with the queen dead, and the aliens dead, even some from the prisons, the drilling alien spacecrafts left. They even took away some damaged ones. After they left Earth, they found coordinates from the white sphere. Coordinates to their alien home world. So when they begin interstellar travel, they would travel out in space, far across the galaxy, and destroy the alien home world once and for all.

For what I saw that’s terrific, 9/10 stars on this. Like the first one I rate, this is good.

This and it’s first movie rock!! So if you wanna kill aliens, and light off fireworks with red rockets, lets rock!!

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