The Last Witch Hunter

Vin Diesel, Elijah Wood, and Michael Caine are the only three actors I know in this great hit. As Vin Diesel was the last witch hunter in this movie.

Long ago since the pilgrims have had their first Thanksgiving feast, there is a reason why they should never pray God too much and never come to the new world. For some women who are witches in disguise. As in Salem in 1692-1693, there were like 40 women murdered of witchcraft. Especially a few more in 1712. Even if they should’ve went back to Europe, they never did. They never gave a shit on their old home at all, years before the American Revolution happened later. They cared too much on the new world, when that was happening. Until that was over, and long forgotten. And witches like that, they will be terminated.

Before that happened in Salem, there were some witches in the Middle Ages as the very first. Barbarians, monks and warriors were to kill those witches before the Black Plague can get worse. Many hunters were killed, but the queen was destroyed. However, the last witch hunter was cursed to be forever young. For more than 800 years, he lived a very long time. Throughout generation by generation, he and others were aware of people with magic. Like ‘Harry Potter’, they do not want to see anymore witches ever again. To walk among this Earth.

Armed with a shotgun and a long sword, with iron and fire, he had to make sure that witch queen may never be reborn ever again. Fighting against resurrectors, the witch queen’s servents, and other evil witches, he was on the balance. Between his life and stopping all this.

With 8/10 stars on this, this is totally good. Except for a pussy faggot lady singing on the end credits. On a hit song from the Rolling Stones.

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