Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

From Dreamworks, as their first animated movies, this one made me cry with a smile, as my heart opened to how magnificent these horses were in this movie. For the way these horses are, and roamed free, I felt like I was gonna cry sadly. But I didn’t. It made me smile, with my heart opened as I shed a tear. When I first watched this a bit, I didn’t know much until now. However, I am so glad this went okay. As a straight ‘A’ movie on this. 

In the 19th century on the American West, the frontier was magnificent as wild horses would roam free. With a horse captured by cowboys and Calvery soldiers, many horses like him were into slavery by the Pacific Railroad. They were destroy his home, when this horse stopped them. With the help of a female horse and a Indian friend. As many horses escaped, he helped bring back his Indian friend home. After befriending him, his tribe and that female horse, he returned home far out west for where he was born. Where his mom and the rest of his wild horse family were waiting for him. That female horse came along with him, as they were to stay together forever. 

This has the voice talents of Matt Damon, James Cromwell, and Daniel Studi. No talking animals in this, but the horse’s story was narrated by Matt Damon. As Daniel Studi was the Indian, James Cromwell was the calvery colonel.

Better than those taking animal movies and cartoons, this is magnificent I’m telling you. A straight ‘A’ on this!! 10/10 stars!! 

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