A Bridge Too Far (1977)

From director and actor Richard Attenborough since “The Great Escape”, he made this epic WWII movie with an all star cast. Sean Connery, Michael Caine, Gene Hackman, Anthony Hopkins, James Caan, Robert Redford, Dirk Bogarde, Ryan O’Neal, Hardy Kruger, Laurence Olivier, Elliot Gould, Edward Fox, and Denholm Elliot. Wow!!

Based on the book by Cornelius Ryan, thousands of British, Polish and U.S. troops of the Airborne were dropped behind enemy lines. Somewhere close to Holland and Belgium. Their mission was to take on three bridges, and hold them on as long as possible. Even kill those Germans that try to take it back.

SS officers wanted to blow those bridges to bits, but the commander refused. He wanted reinforcements and all the Nazi’s there is to take on this battle.

For what I saw in that movie, was the most amazing scene in my life. Airborne airplanes of troops taking off at once, as some of the Airborne planes, were pulling gliders along. Just like “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind” on the dogfight scene. Then came the part on how they were jumping out. With those parachutes in the sky, it’s like the 1984 movie poster of “Red Dawn”. As that was happening, the gliders were released as they glided down. Some crashed unfortunately by the forest. As there was a mighty force on that, there was more on many tanks, artillery vehicles, cannons, and trucks carrying troops. There was thousands of them. Thousands of tanks. Throughout the movie, this was known as Operation Market Garden. This was mentioned and seen in a level on that PS3 video game of “Medal of Honor: Airborne”.

With Allied tanks that have bulldozing blades like bulldozers, fixing bridges, and avoiding German troops and their war machines, they went through many old iron bridges. After the German officers attempt to blow up some of the bridges, the wires and detonators malfunctioned. They never worked. After more and more fighting, their very last coming up is the one that’s close to Arnhem.

After losing many men, with some wounded, they wanted to withdraw. So both the Germans and Allied troops stopped fighting. For how those ruins show destruction. They never made it to that bridge too far until later. By the Airborne, sending more troops, they continued fighting until an Allied victory happened. And thanks to that PS3 video game, “Medal of Honor: Airborne”, on Level 4 to Operation Market Garden, this all ended. For everyone in this. They made it to the other side of that bridge too far, as PFC. Boyd Travers was promoted to Corporal.

Cpl. Travers later in WWII in that video game, took on Operation Varsity as he later, took on the final mission. The Flak Tower. By taking out the artillery guns, radios, and war machine gunners, he and the Airborne had the tower to explode with explosives. As the only survivor, by taking the detonator, he knobbed the switch three times, as the Flak Tower exploded. After the German army fell, the war ended.

Colonel Scott Webb was glad to hear this. And he believed it is because of the tenacity, the skill and guts of the Airborne that America had triumphed. The dedication and supreme sacrifice exhibited by these soldiers makes him proud, and honoured to be a member of the Airborne.

For what happened in this, leading from the Airborne on a bridge too far to victory, I give this a ‘B++’. Almost a straight ‘A’ on this. Due to Nazi’s in this that went berserk.





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