Total Recall (1990)

Better than the remake version, this original version is more like it. As your brain is the living piece of your body, your mind can have memories. And all of it forever as long as you shall live. I deal with my mind like that, on not letting myself do something. Like if I want to talk to myself or whatever. Sometimes, you just got to take control of it. And not do any bad habits to yourself. For bad memories and nightmares, you just have to let them go away. And make sure they don’t come back to you ever again. Not even if makes you piss yourself in bed.

Good memories are okay to remember, but not the bad. For what you hate on. As you have to control your body. Even try to control yourself on not pissing yourself in your bed ever again.

You have to be sure, to control yourself, your mind and memories, and not get yourself in an incident. That was how this happened.

In 2084 AD, colonists were taking control of Mars. For mineral ore and how they were killing every Martian and mutant there. In fact, they were getting into terraforming. To make the air breathable for humans. On Earth, there was a construction worker who was having bad memories of Mars. He couldn’t help it. So by going to a recall program, to have his memories fixed and bad memories erased, it worked for him at some point. Unfortunately, everything backfired. His memories as a construction worker, was false as there are people who are trying to kill him. Including his fake wife. They want him dead. So on the run, running away from Earth to Mars, he had to stop all this madness and find out his real identity.

What was gross before going to Mars, was taking out a tracking device out of his nose. It was a big one like a red ball, and man! You should’ve seen it! His nose twitched on taking it out!

With Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Ironslide, Ronny Cox, and Dean Norris, this movie was directed by Paul Verhoeven. I give this almost 7/10 stars, as I couldn’t believe for what happened in the end that was something I had never seen on Mars. After a big explosion, in just one white cloud, it made the air breathable on Mars. There was blue skies, a sun, and white clouds. Mars no longer a red planet for Martians, but another planet terraformed. Like LV-426 from the “Alien” saga.

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