The Screech Owls and the Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup. The biggest trophy in the NHL. The National Hockey League. As to those who win it, in the Stanley Cup Final, gets to win that trophy, and drink it. Pour your favorite booze in it, and drink it from the cup.

For as far as I can remember, I was with that big trophy two times in a photo shoot. When I was a baby long ago, and how I was with it again with my bros years later. It had been the biggest trophy I saw in my life.

Since winners win it, a while later as they hold onto it, they do have to give it back to the NHL. By the members of it. Those are the rules. When there have been stories about this once, never would the NHL have that big trophy stolen. Which was why I was lead into two books, as it was made into a TV series later. And those two books, were from ‘The Screech Owls’.

Like “The Boxcar Children” and “The Hardy Boys”, a group of young friends, which are peewee hockey players are into hockey tournaments. Like how my bros were a long time ago. When they find out about ghosts, terrorists, murderers, kidnappers and thieves, they solve mysteries. My bros read a few books of them once, but I was surprised to see one book that connects things to all. Between the Screech Owls and the Stanley Cup.

‘The Night They Stole The Stanley Cup’. That was the title of one of their books in the series. On a hockey night in the NHL, thieves were stealing the Stanley Cup as those hockey detectives were the only ones to stop them. Like “The Great Train Robbery” with Sean Connery and Donald Sutherland, the thieves were silent but deadly, as they were stealing it. Especially with tricks up their sleeve. Unfortunately, they failed by those kids that stopped them. They were arrested later, as the Stanley Cup was safe.

Along with ‘The Ghost of the Stanley Cup’, which is another Screech Owl mystery on that big NHL trophy, there was a ghost on the creator who made that big trophy. Lord Stanley of Preston. There was presumably, but never showed in his actual form like Patrick Swayze from “Ghost”.

Since those two books on the Screech Owls and the Stanley Cup, that book series was popular ever since. It was discontinued later after 27 books were made. Then came the TV series. Once aired on Discovery Kids and YTV, that live action kids TV show was nominated for Best Children’s Youth Program. At the Gemini Awards. However later in 2002, got cancelled.

It may have been a good run for that on TV, as well as this book series, but we would be sure to not have anymore thieves. To steal the Stanley Cup. Like what would Don Cherry say about this? And about kids known as the Screech Owls, trying to stop them?

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  1. nick patterson

     /  June 14, 2016

    Really enjoyed reading this review .
    Keep up the great work Owen.


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