Hitman and Hitman: Agent 47

From the famous video game series, two movie adaptions show a bald agent, who’s an assassin to do the jobs. Long ago, when he was a boy, his memories were erased as he and many other bald boys, were part of an experiment. They were in a program, turning into lethal killers. Agents.
They had scan codes on the back of their heads, as they show a number. One of them for example, was Agent 47. Deep in the snowy mountains in Europe, that was where they were. Close to Russia. Some try to escape, but never did. The man behind the program escaped as the boys stayed behind. With their master training them, one of them graduated. Which was Agent 47. His reward, two silver handguns.

The first “Hitman” movie in 2007, showed how Agent 47 played by Timothy Olyphant was in Eastern Europe, as he remembered his origin. Along the way, he had to find out who was the man behind the program, and why. It was a success.

The second movie in 2015, which was “Hitman: Agent 47”, showed how Agent 47, played by Rupert Friend, was with the daughter of that man behind the program. They were trying to catch that man, before another organization could use him on how he did the Agent program.

With a few scratches, how he can never fear at all, he became one of the most deadliest assassins in the world. As that is still popular, among the video games.

Loaded with his silver handguns, sniper rifles, gadgets, sharp blades, knives, gadgets, extra ammo, mines, and more, he is still, the most deadliest assassin in the world. Thanks to these two movie adaptions and those video games of him. And these two movies, are excellent!

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