55 Days in Peking

Like the Vietnam War before that, and like the French Revolution, there was this Charlton Heston movie that happened after the time of “Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat”. Just around the time of that for where that story took place. Before came the cartoon TV show we all know.

1900, Peking China. Before it was called Beijing later on. China was poor at that time, as it never rained for days. Crops died. As 11 countries claimed it. USA, Russia, Japan, Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, and etc. At that time, the Boxer Rebellion was on since 1899. As there have been Chinese civilians killed. Even out on the streets.

China was pretty serious about this, as the Empress of China didn’t like it. She didn’t like foreign visitors. That was when fighting was on. All 11 countries united as one, with their armies of soldiers they brought along, as they battled against the Chinese Army. Many Chinese civilians and citizens were killed in the gunfighting, as this became known as the Battle of Peking.

Before that, there were some battles in town, before the Battle of Peking. As there have been a few casualties and losses. For the allied side. But it was a total victory in the end. With more reinforcements, and taking on the Chinese, the Peking battle ended. However, after 55 days of that in Peking, the dynasty ended for the empress. She had no choice but to surrender. And that’s what she did.

If a freaky Chinese empress was like that, but can nag all the time, a man like Charlton Heston would shoot her in the head. But not Tai-Tai I believe from ‘Sagwa’. If that happened to her, shot in the head, that would be saddest part of the magistrate’s life. He would see the horror and sadness in that since ‘Platoon’.

For what I saw that’s good, I recommend this is a movie for Charlton Heston fans like Tom Felton. Since how he loves Chartlon Heston movies since ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’. And for a good mark on this, ‘B-‘.

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