Ice Station Zebra

With Rock Hudson, Ron Masak, Ernest Borgnine, Patrick McGoohan, and Jim Brown, they were in this submarine adventure movie. As it can show you, how you would have to get to the Arctic, far up north. 

When a soviet satellite crashed landed in the Arctic Circle, there was also an ice station that got badly damaged after an incident. That was why a U.S. Navy submarine captain, his crew, a few U.S. Marines and two spies were to get to the Arctic before the Soviets do. 

Along the way, there was betrayal. No killing in the submarine, but secret conversations. Then killing when they were on land. As they were there, under the ice, the only problem was to get through thin ice of the Arctic. Thick ice wouldn’t work. And, the people at the station there, did lose consciousness when that incident happened. 

Everything was okay, but can show how an adventure can be, as long as nothing goes wrong. 

On the submarine, while trying to push through, they almost sank when the torpedo doors were bursted open. Water rushed from the doors, as they had to close it fast and hard. 

After that, they had to be caution of the Arctic weather. The ice moving, the wind rising, and watching out for the Soviets to come. 

Everything went well in the end thankfully. So I give this a ‘C-‘. 

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  1. nick patterson

     /  June 5, 2016

    Thanks Owen for the great summary of this movie. I watched it many years ago and it was good to be reminded of what a great movie it was with such a famous cast of actors.


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