The 5th Wave

Like “Enders Game” presumably, but like “Super 8”, this showed how an alien invasion can be. Especially aliens are in the bodies of humans, and are disguised as humans.

With Chloe Grace Moretz, Nick Robinson from “Jurassic World”, and Liev Schreiber from “Defiance” and that X-Men origin movie of Wolverine, they are the only stars I know in this movie.

As we all know, like “Independence Day” and many other alien movies, aliens want to take over Earth and kill us all. That’s what these were. As they cut off power, sent out tsunami waves, earthquakes, and killed people in a virus they gave out, they were totally getting clever. But by the time when they were in disguised as humans, that was how things went a little off hand.

After a teenage girl and his younger brother lost their parents in those waves, and got separated, they had to be reunited together. When kids and teenagers had to fight as soldiers, they were very young doing that. Especially shooting their assault rifles.

It went good throughout the movie. The two things are on those aliens, is one, they were alien drones flying around, close to the forest, and two, is how some alien parasites, got into the minds of a human. Like a facehugger from the “Alien” franchise.

This is a ‘B+’ movie I rate. Kinda scary for kids, but this is based on a novel by Rick Yancey. And not only that, this movie was produced by Tobey Maguire. The very first actor who played Spider Man once. At least he loved hanging out with J.K. Simmons, Bruce Campbell, James Franco, and Kristen Dunst from “Kiki’s Delivery Service” as Kiki from Studio Ghibli. But where on Earth is Willem Dafoe who played Sgt. Elias from “Platoon”, when you need him?

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