Si Robertson, then and now


This was Si Robertson when he served in the Vietnam War, as a soldier. And that picture beside that, is him retired. Before he went onto “Duck Dynasty”.

When he was a student long ago, he dropped out of of a university in Louisiana after three quarters,  as he went onto the United States Army. At the time when the Vietnam War begun. Like Charlie Sheen in “Platoon”, dropping out of college, and serving in the Vietnam War, that’s what he did I presume.

During his time in the war, his mom would sent him two boots, a set of Tupperware cups, two jars of jalapeno peppers in each boot, beans and rice by U.S. Mail. He loved jalapeno peppers as he would eat that. One time while fighting in the war, he was rarely seen drinking ice tea without drinking from a plastic cup. It treated him in his importance.

Although it was tough long ago, fighting in the jungles in Vietnam, as he would have the right stuff he needs to survive. But he was lucky when his mom would do that. In case on giving him needs and wants.

The horrors of Vietnam may have frightened him, but he fought very hard and made it out in one piece.

If I’d given him a wish at that time, I would’ve saved his butt, as he would see the jungles of Vietnam go up in flames, firebombed as explosions would boom everywhere. Like the 4th of July fireworks he would see at home. Like destroying every jungle in the world, especially that jungle we all know from Rudyard Kipling’s story we all know. “The Jungle Book” as those jungles like Vietnam in Africa, would be firebombed for good. That way, we don’t want to see anymore versions of that story; especially Disney that we all hate on. For what they did that’s not very good. Except for the 1942 version with Sabu.

As Si served in the Vietnam War, and after it was over for him, he stayed in the U.S. Army until his retirement in 1991. He was Sergeant First Class when he retired. Finally, he was recognized for his military career as an exhibit was for him. At the Chennault Aviation and Military Museum in Monroe, Louisiana, USA.

He may have seen Dale Dye, R. Lee Ermy, Gustav Hasford, Ron Kovic, or Oliver Stone, but he sure was pretty lucky to be serving his time in the war. With the help of his mom.

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