Makiko Futaki (1958-2016)


Born in 1958, and passed away on Friday, May 13th in 2016, the most unluckiest day of the year, she was a Studio Ghibli animator. And the best to Hayao Miyazaki the most. Even as to be remained a legend.

Makiko Futaki, as a Studio Ghibli animator, she helped Hayao Miyazaki create his Studio Ghibli movies long ago and now. Her job she worked on, was to make sure the animation was good I think. And give it good quality and color. So that when we see its movies on the big screen, we’ll know it’s remarkable.

On that day she passed away, she was 58 years old.

She may have saw “Only Yesterday” in English dubbed, with the voice talents of Daisy Ridley, Dev Patel, and etc by GKids, but we should thank her and Studio Ghibli to their movies. Hayao Miyazaki too for the most as a director.

As she will rest in peace, we’ll never let Studio Ghibli down at all. She must be remembered in the Oscars for sure.

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