Platoon music video

Since “Platoon” became popular, and no wonder it won Best Picture in the Academy Awards, this had been remained one of the classic Vietnam War movies ever in history. 

This is the number 1 music video, from the Rolling Stones on ‘Paint It Black’, this goes to the stars of Oliver Stone’s classic Vietnam War movie. For Charlie Sheen, Willem Dafoe, Tom Berenger, John C. McGinley, Kevin Dillon, Reggie Johnson, Kieth David, Mark Moses, Francesco Quinn, Forest Whitaker, Tony Todd, Richard Edson, Johnny Depp, Paul Sanchez, Andrew B. Clark, Corey Glover, David Neidorf, Chris Pedersen, James Terry McIlvain, Ivan Kane, Peter Hicks, Basile Achara, Chris Castillejo, Corkey Ford, J. Adam Glover, Dale Dye and five other stars that were those Vietnam War soldiers. 

Oliver Stone did his best on this before his other movies. He must’ve felt proud of himself when he won that Oscar on Best Picture to this. 

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