Spies Like Us (1985)

Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, Ray Harryhausen, Bob Hope, Frank Oz, and my neighbor, Matt Frewer were in this ‘B+’ movie I rate.

Both the USA and Soviet forces were aware on each other. On the technology and nuclear weapons, they do not want Earth to be destroyed, by the weapons they built. When the CIA sent two renegade men to Pakistan to do a diversion, a female agent was to stop the nuclear weapons.

However, the two funny agents walked more than 500 miles, from Pakistan to north of Russia to the snowy mountains far away. Avoiding gunfire, and the Soviet highway patrol officers with AK-47 machine guns, their final objective was destroy the gigantic nuclear missile armed to launch from Soviet troops.

As they saved the world, by bowing up the missile, members of the CIA were arrested finally.

Within these years, this was their biggest hit. However, Seth McFarlane, creator of “Family Guy”, did these guys again on stopping Adam West firing another missile. And they did when Dan and Chevy starred as themselves on “Family Guy”. In the episode, ‘Spies Reminiscent of Us’. It was around the time, when Cleveland and his family moved away and did his own TV show, “The Cleveland Show”. When the fuselage of the first half missile fell to Earth, it smashed on Cleveland’s house, as he in a tub, fell out. It damaged his Newhouse a lot. Two years later, Cleveland and his returned to “Family Guy” at last, as “The Cleveland Show” got cancelled.

What I am surprised in this movie is Ray Harryhausen, Frank Oz, and my neighbor Matt Frewer. They did cameos in that movie. Since Frank Oz worked for Jim Henson on ‘Sesame Street’ and the Muppets before his death, and how Ray did his special effects in movies, I was surprised to see my actual neighbor, Matt Frewer in this.

This was his early time as an actor. Before he did more roles other movies, he was getting really good. His role in this, was one of the soldiers training Dan and Chevy. He was firing an assault rifle, a flamethower too, and activating the controls for the spin cycle.

As I give a ‘B+’ on this movie, we don’t want anymore fighting between USA and Russia now.

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