Heist movies on robbing cash


In movies in such places like the tower in “Die Hard”, casino’s in Las Vegas, USA, and major security bank vaults, there have been many movies on heists. When a band of members rob cash and get the heck out of there.

For example, “Oceans Eleven”. The original 1960 version and the 2001 version. A thief lord and his 10 members rob a casino, when there is a vault of cash down below. They stole $150,000,00 in just one night. They have tricks up their sleeve, as they are so clever, they actually did it without being caught by the police. Almost like Lupin the 3rd from Studio Ghibli, as Danny Ocean knows his tricks.

20160505-221615.jpg Tower Heist

When there is a heist on robbing cash, you need to know a purpose. What’s the money for and why. Danny Ocean and his crew just want to take cash. “Catch That Kid” and “Tower Heist” were good examples. “Tower Heist” showed these members who work for a millionaire, as they were fed up with this man. So working with a crook, they band together to plan a heist as they did. During the Thanksgiving Parade, they found a 24 carat gold car as they broke it up in many parts. They gave all the gold parts away, to members who lost pensions including themselves. Two were arrested after that including the millionaire. As long the truth was told. Before that, was “Catch That Kid”. Kristen Stewart as a young actress, played as a girl as she and her two best friends were doing something like this. Almost like “Mission Impossible”, they were to rob $250,000 from a maximum security vault. The purpose, was to save her dad after a tragic accident before he could die. Which was why with that money, they would pay for the operation. Cause hospitals can have a big price. Especially today.

As a heist can happen, you must be very careful. In order to get the cash out alive. Especially yourself. For example, in the original movie “Robocop”, some of the cash were burnt a bit from one of the criminals. When he had to blow the vault down. The crime boss was so mad, he yelled…

“You burnt the f$&@ing money!!”

That criminal from that gang, was shot and injured by Officer Murphy in a gunfight on that police chase. He was thrown out, as he wished he’d never burnt the money, even if he got out alive. From the boss, his last words were…

“Can you fly Bobby?”

And he did flew. Out the van and on a window! Of that police car! Similar to that was “The Killing”.


A black and white movie. Stanley Kubrick’s very first movie he ever created as a director. Sterling Hayden as a criminal released from prison, had his gang up for a heist at a horse racetrack and the Calgary Stampede. He was so close on getting away with his money he robbed and himself. He was 10-30 meters away from his plane to catch, when his suitcase broke out. The cash was blown away in the wind, as he got arrested again. Never accomplished his heist after stealing the cash. But it was good thanks to Kubrick himself.

Related to that was “The Nut Job” and “Reservoir Dogs”. Not very good movies on those two, but it reminds me for what did happened in “The Killing”. As long as no one would play that song on ‘Stuck in the Middle with You’, and watch out for animals such as a squirrel, a rat, a raccoon and a red bird. If those animals happen, they outta be dead. Even with a barber’s blade.

2711111354_5 a5756-vlcsnap-2013-02-15-00h52m52s179

20160505-230249.jpg Frobe1

During a heist, the only enemy you would have to finally face is the security. The major equipment as the big vault can be there. The police squadrons later. “Kelly’s Heroes”, and “Goldfinger” for example, showed how these men faced all that, by making sure all the gold and money aren’t burnt. Goldfinger had the technology to get through the safe vault door with his right equipment at Fort Knox. Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in the end of “Comin’ Round the Mountain” tried, but got caught. The same as Yosemite Sam in a Bugs Bunny cartoon once. Lt. Kelly and his WWII friends, just found gold bars in wooden crates outside the safe vault. Right after the battle was over.

While doing a heist, sometimes it can be on anything. Especially on a moving train. “The Great Train Robbery” was a success on that for example. When you have to find the keys, unlock the boxes, and get the gold out in one piece. Without getting caught by the police, S.W.A.T. teams and the FBI. Sean Connery and Donald Sutherland, after dealing with women too much, they actually did it. And got away from the police when the gold was stolen. That was the end of that when they took the gold with them.

Sometimes in a heist, you have to have an expert to do some technical issues. Not the 2003 version, but the 1969 version of “The Italian Job” finally, was like that. When a computer expert can cause a traffic jam, as they would take all the cash in just that very night. They always do that. As long as they can make it out quick, depending how long the computer virus that the expert creates, can be long enough. Long enough for them to escape.

As these movies can show you, the ways a heist can be, and how you need to get the cash and gold out alive, be quick and accurate. And don’t forget jewels also. Such as rubies, diamonds, pearls, emeralds and etc. Don’t end up dead like the “Reservoir Dogs”. That was worse for what really happened.

But more important, don’t get caught by the FBI, police and S.W.A.T. teams. That’s the way these guys did it, that I’m impressed in these heist movies.

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