Rupert Grint since he was Ron Weasley in “Harry Potter, and Ron Perlman since he was in “Hellboy”, as the actual Hellboy, they were together in this. Based on an actual true event.

In 1969, Apollo 11 was launched during the Space Race. After President Kennedy said his famous speech. Some feared that they may never make it. So a Vietnam War veteran, a failing band manager, and a Stanley Kubrick impersonator were to find Stanley Kubrick, and make an epic scam. By faking the 1969 moon landing.

It was after the time Stanley Kubrick, created his masterpiece “2001: A Space Odyssey” right before Apollo 11 was launched. He worked so hard on this, he felt proud of himself when this movie changed everything. After Kubrick won only one Oscar in his masterpiece, he believed alien life could exist out there. However, he was onto his next movie as these three were the only ones to do the fake moon landing.

Working with hookers and dealerships, smoking on pot on weed, this actually did happened. In England when they just wanted to have fun, and smoke on weed. They were not like the US when they were competing against the Soviets. It was different in the time of the 60’s.

While doing this, an old mad crime boss in London really wanted revenge for what happened early. So they had gone into a little bit of a twist. Especially when Rupert Grint as an astronaut was holding a stakeout shotgun.

After this was told throughout the world secretly, Stanley Kubrick had an interview. About the fake moon landing. The man behind the operation was a USAF general, as an inspiration from “Dr. Strangelove”. While in London, some of the scenes were an inspiration to Stanley Kubrick’s, “A Clockwork Orange”.

As they mentioned Kubrick’s movies such as “Dr. Strangelove”, “Lolita”, “Killer’s Kiss”, “The Killing”, “Paths of Glory”, “Spartacus” and “2001: A Space Odyssey”, this is a movie I recommend for Kubrick fans, party poopers such as my brothers, historians on the Space Race, and smoking guys only, like my neighbor, JR Watson. The Golf King at a indoor golf place in Ottawa.

Not recommended for young kids. For what I rate on this, “B+”.

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