Araya (Mystery Hunters) and the Empress of Ireland

From the day I read about the Empress of Ireland in a book once, to this episode on ‘Mystery Hunters’ and it’s 100th anniversary in 2014 since 1914, this is all the proof I finally found as evidence. In media as we all know about this.

When Araya was searching on the Empress of Ireland, they say it was cursed. From a man wearing glasses who swore a curse, or killer fog.

Cause on that very night 100 years ago in May 1914, it was that fateful night. After passing a point in the St. Lawrence River, that was when the mysterious fog started to appear. It went into the fog as they couldn’t see a thing. It had completely covered the Empress.

Araya believed from an author than besides a man curse, it was that other ship that collided with the Empress. As it had 18 minutes to sink when it plunged into the cold water below.

Some people believe it was that man’s curse. But it was mostly that disaster. It was a combination of both for what happened to the Empress of Ireland.

They say many divers try to find the wrecked ship at the bottom of the St. Lawrence River, but they mostly got killed during the search. Some suffocated, as others couldn’t go down there any further. 130ft underwater, as when they are down there, it’s like walking into a spooky graveyard at night. Araya and a friend were there, to check it out as Araya couldn’t go down there. The water was cold, as his friend was able to make it to the wreck.

He filmed everything he did, as he looked inside the wreck. Inside the wreck of the Empress of Ireland. The way he did it, he’s like Hooper from “Jaws” as he is underwater, looking at a wrecked boat from that man eating shark that attacked. As he came back up, he told Araya he lost a friend as he went to search on the cursed ship.

As they looked at historic facts on the Empress of Ireland and weather calculations, they knew killer fog since that night can be dangerous. Even to ships that get into that since the Empress.

With everything they did on that episode, suspenseful music, digital artwork, historic photos and documents, we all believed this is true. For everything we know on this cursed ship that happened 100 years ago.

Here is all the proof I have thanks to Araya in Mystery Hunters, and the Empress of Ireland. Along with a prank he did on Doubting Dave after he made his own killer fog.











The fog prank Araya did on Doubting Dave. 

So, beware of killer fog. 

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