Children Who Chase Lost Voices

In this 10/10 star anime movie that I give an ‘A++’ on, this one’s remarkable!!

As a young schoolgirl finds a jewel, she listens to this beautiful song on the radio that she loves on. The song from the jewel. Also, she meets an orange kitten along with it. Together, they have a good time. Even at her house.

In her life, she takes care of herself while her mom is gone on important shifts at work. At the hospital in the city. She and her mom lived in the countryside not far away in Japan. As she takes care of herself, she loves her life. Even remembers her glory days of her past.

She goes to school and has good grades. After that, she goes to a cliff where she listens to the song from the jewel on her radio.

By the time a boy, along with his brother and a creature came out, they were from another world where life and death matters. A mystical world. Better than “The Book of Life”, and similar to the 1959 movie of “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, the land where they came from reminds me of the Valley of the Wind from one of Studio Ghibli’s movies. From director, Hayao Miyazaki.

With herself, the kitten, the jewel and a professor, they went into this.

In the end, she returned home as the professor stayed behind. He lost an eye after for what happened, as she said goodbye to him. She also said goodbye to the kitten and the two boys, as she had a fragment piece left of the jewel for what was left of it. Most of it were destroyed.

During the mid-credits, she grew older as she never forget for what happened. She never returned to the cliff, as she and her mom, were ready for high school graduation. The way she was in this, she was remarkable.

After experiencing for what did happened in this, I totally rate this 10/10 stars and a ‘A++’.

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