Cyborg 009 VS Devilman

Between two manga series, there was not only a fight between a boy devil and a robotic humanoid team, but they had to stop a mad scientist on creating robots and demons who was pulling the strings. 

Like Batman VS Superman, this was way even better than the fights we see. Better than Thor VS Hulk, Capt. America VS Iron Man, and all those other battles we see in common. Especially Kid VS Kat from YTV. 

Cyborg 009 on that manga series is an intergalactic team on humanoids that protect our world from any danger there is. Especially monsters and aliens. Even better than Buck Rogers and Star Wars. 

Devilman on this manga series is how a boy got powers to become a demon flying devil. He becomes a monster whenever he gets fierce in him. And he fights demons also. Way stronger than the Hulk and the Thing from Marvel comic books. 

In just three acts like .hack//Quantum, they were able to take this on in just two single nights. In order to stop the demons, robots and the mad scientist. And when I looked at everything here, I must say!! 10/10 stars and a ‘A++’. 

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