The Hunger Games

Based on the novel by Suzanne Collins, like all games you can play, there are some games where you have to survive in a dystopian future, where you fight to the death. In what was left of North America, after a big global worldwide warfare, North America was in ruins as a new future began. Where there were 12 districts, as people worked hard in each district. Some children can go off in the forest, hunting for food without being caught. And every summer, they would begin the reaping. For the summer event on the ‘fight to the death’ to choose what they chose. A boy and a girl from each district would be chosen and taken to the big city where rich people are. They called that city, the Capitol. 24 can go in, only one winner can come out to win for fame, glory and money. Terrible for children to die in that event, as some people would grew sad.

They called this worldwide event, the Hunger Games.

This was the 74th Annual Hunger Games when this did. Katniss Everdeen played by Jennifer Lawrence, volunteered to this when she decided to change her sister’s place when she was chosen. There was her and a boy named Peeta played by Josh Hutcherson. They were starting to fall in love together slowly when they did, during the games and after the games.

In this were Haymitch played by Woody Harrelson who told them tips of this, a friend named Gale in District 12 played by Liam Hemsworth, Caesar Flickerman who was a TV announcer played by Stanley Tucci, along with Toby Jones as a friend, Seneca Crane, who was the Gamemaker of the 74th Annual Hunger Games played by Wes Bentley, and President Snow of the Capitol played by Donald Sutherland. There were other characters who were very interesting. They were introduced, as Katniss became known as ‘The Girl on Fire’. You can tell because of special effects on flames when she wears a dress.

After training for this event, they were ready. They were placed in the stadium as the games began. Slaughter, horror, terror, and survival, each tribute had died while fighting one by one. Katniss did get parachuted gifts for survival at night, but at morning, with the help of an alley, she did tricked some of the tributes and killed one by cutting off the branch of a tracker jacker nest. She did get stung a bit, but she was recovered thanks to that alley.

What was interesting in this, was how she is great in archery for what she did in this movie, and how she sang a song to her sister as she sang that to that alley before she died. But what was really interesting, after getting a pin and looking at the trees, there are birds called, ‘Mockingjays’. And she was really good in whistling. Shooting well in archery, and using a Mockingjay three finger call, people in districts understand well when they were watching this on TV.

A riot was in one of the districts as they wanted payback. When Katniss found Peeta, both have been trying to survive as there was the final fight. Beasts have been on the move as they survived. They were crowned as they became a love couple, and the winners of the 74th Annual Hunger Games. A happy ending it was for them, as the Gamemaker was in trouble for what he did. He was locked in a room, and ate poison berries from the games to death. This was a worldwide hit, throughout the world as I give this 7/10 stars.

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