MythBusters (2003-2016)

For 14 long years, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman have long to do this. On solving myths. They don’t just tell the myths. They put them to the test. However, they tell people to not try any of the experiments they see, at home.

From gun firing on fire arms, explosions in areas, flamethrowers, exploding buildings and more of that, they have been doing a lot of testing. Joining them are Kari Byron, Tori Belleci and Grant Imahara.

They also did animals from farms, ice tests in Alaska, some stuff you do at home, and more of that. Confirming some myths from movies was one thing they did, to show that they would work. They did lots.

In 2009, Kari was pregant as Jessi Combs, took her place for a while. She was on maternity leave cause she was a mother. In a while, she finally returned.

On August 21st, 2014, it was Kari, Grant and Tori’s final episode that they ever did as they just gave up. Kari was a mother as Tori, Jessi and Grant have families to take care also. They weren’t bored. They just have family responsibilities to take care on. So they left.

Jamie and Adam were the only ones left to run the show. They were okay at that time. By October 2015, they confirmed that their season in 2016, will be the last one. It was their final season. From a railroad tanker car, to cement and explosions, rockets and more, it was their final shot and best times they ever had.

On March 13th, 2016, they had their grand finale. And a Mythbusters reunion on March 20th, 2016. That was their very final episode as everyone came for one last time. Adam, Jamie, Kari, Tori, Grant, and Jessi were all there. They had a great time as they said goodbye to everyone in the end. And thanked for everyone on supporting them when they are watching that TV show and loved it. Then they left, took their things, and left their base empty for where they once lived. And left their favourite places empty also. The harbor runway, and explosion area. All their days were over. But we’ll never forget those two best TV guys. Like if they are Bob and Doug Mckenzie, or Wayne and Garth. They all had a good time.

Since that best TV show from the Discovery Channel is cancelled, no longer available, people and fans can be wondering…

“What TV show will come to an end in a series finale, be the next of all?”

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