A Hard Days Night (The Beatles)

This was from their first movie as it was very popular. This was one of the movies that changed everything. Named after the title of this song, it can show a hard days night anyway. 

In this video, they are chased by fans as they had to get away fast. As their was a man getting milk, and one of them in disguise, they boarded a train just in time. The fans were squealing like squealers when they see them. 

I listen to this music video whenever I finish watching the first “Austin Powers” movie. I feel like I’m in it, when I listen to it. In this music video, I imagine if I’m the Rev. Wilbert Awdry helping these rock singers. Along with someone little as Christopher Awdry. The authors of “Thomas the Tank Engine”. Me and him.

As they would board with us, Gordon the Big Engine would speed us on our train, away from these fans as we would head to our destination. Sodor for what the author imagined on. I would begin writing ‘Thomas and Gordon’ as well, the cheeky little tank engine would be in the back of the train. Getting tricked by Gordon, like what the story means. ‘Thomas Gets Tricked’. 

I as the author of that, would show the story to the Beatles, as well, Ringo Starr would read it out loud as they can hear the engines. In my imagination to this, by the time we get to the station at the end of the line, I would introduce myself as the author to that along with Christopher, as we would show everything, for what the real author believed on. Even showing how real Gordon and Thomas are. 

And no wonder the Beatles love “Thomas the Tank Engine”. Which was why after John Lennon and George Harrison passed away, as Paul McCarthy did the song “Live and Let Die”, Ringo Starr here worked for “Thomas the Tank Engine” and “Shining Time Station”, as the very first narrator and also Mr. Conductor in the first season. He did everything for a bit just before he moved on, to something else. But he was better than George Carlin and Alec Baldwin. 

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