We Were Soldiers

Mel Gibson played a lieutenant colonel, than Mad Max in this action packed Vietnam War movie. Ever to be filmed in 2002. As Lt. Col. John Hal Moore, of the air calvary, he and approximately 500 U.S. troops battled 2,500 North Vietnamese troops in 1965.

Sunday, November 14th, 1965 in the forests, fields and hillside of Vietnam, was where they had their battle. As they battled the Viet Cong, helicopters come down bringing in reinforcements and ammo, as they bring the wounded out of battle. While getting outnumbered, the U.S. troops have had luck. Gunships, helicopters, planes, jets, and cannon fire had wiped out more of them while they were still fighting. You can tell when there are flames, after they fired at their targets.

Although they lost a chopper, and used mortar in battle. It was the only thing they can do. Back at their base in South Vietnam, it’s a bloodbath. Many wounded Americans dying after the firefight. The 400 go in, as some came back dead and wounded badly.

In this than besides Mel Gibson, are Barry Pepper as an enforcer, and Sam Elliott as a sergeant major. Also, Greg Kinnear, and Clark Greg.

For three long days, many were scorched, shot dead as they used bayonets in the final battle to take on the Viet Cong. After a victory, they went all back home now. As many were glad this was over. No awards for them. For they fought for each other. Especially the wounded troops who luckily survived. Barry Pepper as the enforcer, narrated the whole story in this.

At this event, was at the beginning of the Vietnam War. This was the very first battle. 8/10 stars on this Mel Gibson movie. Really good.

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