The Pirate

Since there was ‘The Crimson Pirate’ that was epic, there was Gene Kelly as a pirate also. Only funnier, and way happier than ever before. He was a French-Spanish acrobat in a circus as he was very clever also.

Before he and his band arrived, Judy Garland as a woman loved stories on how heroes can be in the seven seas. By the time when she met him, she didn’t like him. There was a scene when he was on a high wire, as he was coming to her house. She threatened him, when she was gonna cut the wire, but Gene Kelly had his ways.

After things went pretty smooth, they were able to get along well. After stopping a trial and more, they had fallen in love. As they were together in his circus, they were singing and dancing as clowns in this song they did. “Be a Clown”.

This is a 7/10 star movie, as it can cherish your moments. Gene Kelly and Judy Garland know their acting well.

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