Singin in the Rain

Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor and Debbie Reynolds were together in the all time 1950’s classic that had changed movies forever. 9/10 stars on this here. In the time when silent movies were created, it was the uprising of talking pictures. When people can start talking in movies. The very first was “The Jazz Singer”.

When a couple of stars, including a big one which is Gene Kelly, came together, they made great friends as they did these performances, and acts as they did great in these movies. After a few funny scenes, and more, that is when they came into the talking motion pictures.

They did songs like “Fit as a Fiddle”, “Moses Supposes”, “Good Morning”, “Make Em Laugh”, “Would You?”, and the hit major one, “Singin’ in the Rain”.

Gene Kelly did the famous dance, when he was singing and dancing in the rain on that song. He was up on a lamppost, doing his act as he did great in that scene. He was actually smiling great, singing and dancing in the rain.

After a happy ending, this became famous throughout these decades. Robin Williams for example, as Bender in “Robots” did that song only called ‘Singin in the Oil’. Related to that just before taken away by a sweeper. Another actually showed the song, in Stanley Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange”. On the raping and break in scene, Malcolm McDowell as Alex DeLarge loved that song so much, he was singing and dancing to that while doing his raping and making a mess. Along with his droogs. After the raping, his arrest and brainwash, he returned to the same place as he had a bath. He was singing that again while sleeping in the tub as that man, who got handicapped got horrified of that song. In the end credits, Gene Kelly did his song again.

As it had many anniversaries, celebrations and more, this remarkable love story movie here, shall not be forgotten. There were some funny scenes in this movie, that people love on. I believe they can watch it, again and again, and again. The most greatest movie here, in filmography history.

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