Anchors Aweigh

With Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra as sailor buddies, they went into love affairs, singing and dancing as they were together in this 9/10 star movie here. This is one of the classics from long ago, as I think people like you can watch it again and again.

As they went into California, they met a kid who wanted to join the Navy. So by meeting his mother and a friend, they went into love affairs. As Frank Sinatra dealt with love on a girlfriend, Gene Kelly went to the kid’s school and showed them a story.

In that segment, came the most greatest part in film history. In a cartoon world, where no singing and dancing was allowed, he danced with Jerry Mouse as he couldn’t know how to.

From MGM who did this movie, with the help of the animator and creator of Tom and Jerry, they did the dance scene where Gene Kelly danced with Jerry Mouse. And it was amazing!

After a happy ending, when those sailor buddies fell in love with those women, related to that kid, this was remarkable.

When the creator of Family Guy, Seth McFarlane loved that, he did the same dance scene only with Stewie Griffin as he was dancing with Gene Kelly. Both he, Jerry Mouse and Stewie were great when they were all dancing together.

That is how I love on this movie. Dancing with a cartoon character.

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