The Dead Zone

When you are sleeping and dreaming, you get visions. Of what can happen in your life in the future. Pictures as they can happen. Or if you are awake, you feel that. And get that, for what will happen. I get that the same as Sakura in “Cardcaptors” when she dreamed about the Tokyo tower, the gateway, firefly nights and the woman in water.

Many people who are psychic have to be to careful when they have psychic powers. As long as they don’t want to predict too much. Even on the future. Which was why Christopher Walken had that, in this classic thrilling movie from the novel, by Stephen King.

Christopher Walken, Tom Skerrit, Athoney Zebe, and Martin Sheen were in this hit horror movie, from the novel by Stephen King. And man, it was stunning!! 9/10 stars. There was just one small scene that was terrifying. When he was warning the father on skating practise when the ice was dangerous.

When a schoolteacher got into a car accident, he was in a coma for five years. After he woke up, he had a power to foretell people’s deaths. He can tell for what happened in the past, as he can foretell the future that can lead people’s deaths.

He stopped an election before that senator can create a nuclear holocaust, as he had to pay an ultimate price. No matter what the cost. By using a lee enfield rifle, he had to shoot him before getting elected.

Martin Sheen as the senator, was really good in this, as Anthony Zebe was good too back then. The same for Skerrit and Walken. Anthony was the mutant leader back then, in “The Omega Man” as he did a good job acting in this one. The same for Sheen before or after “Apocalypse Now”.

This is a 9/10 star movie.

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